Live Inspector Events


Murder 57 at Home’s Live Inspector events bring all the fun, mystery, and intrigue of the Live Events into the comfort of your home/workplace. We offer Live Inspector Video Murder Mystery events to play along and test your detective skills with friends/family or colleagues anywhere in the world.

Your event will be hosted in a Zoom call by a Live Inspector who will need your assistance in the investigation of a Murder! Play along and test your sleuthing skills by watching the Live Inspector interrogate the suspects and find incriminating evidence to solve the Murder Mystery plot.

Your chosen Murder Mystery is date/time specific and you will be emailed all the details regarding the Live Inspector Murder Mystery around 48 hours before your event is due to go ahead. This gives you plenty of time to prepare, make sure you have a pen and paper handy and remember to question everything. You are about to experience something unique that will not be repeated anywhere again. Anything can happen. Keep your wits about you and the Live Inspector solve the Murderous case…

New Plots Coming Soon