The Easter Hunted


The Easter Hunted

It’s the time of the year when the Kirk-Moulding family host the local Easter hunt. Welcoming the community onto the grounds for a long tradition of Easter egg hunting. The kids love it and the parents enjoy the atmosphere, seeing so many people dressed up in bunny outfits. But it’s not just eggs that are being found. A serial killer is on loose and threatens the integrity of this fantastic tradition.

After an amazing day it has now come to the evening party for the Kirk-Moulding family and parents to let down their hair at the Easter Ball. But in the background there has already been two deaths, with many more to come!! With staff, guests and family members dying, no one is safe!!

The inspector has requested your assistance in this investigation. Will we find the killer before another death happens?

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Saturday 17th April at 8pm Prices from £20.00 Buy Tickets
Saturday 24th April at 8pm Prices from £20.00 Buy Tickets